Welcome to Dystopia, In The Zone Burnie’s First Escape Room

Freedom was never easy.

Big brother is always watching

“It was a bright cold day in November, and the clocks were striking thirteen, when the news reached me. I had fallen out of favor with the Ministry of Truth. Not many ever hear the rumor that they are about to be subjected to the unending horror of reeducation- maybe it was my reward for   accepting the way things were? for being a good citizen? Maybe I was being set up?  But now it was time for me and my friends to flee via the long forgotten tunnels. It was time to go, but earning our freedom would not be easy.


You have one hour to defeat the security systems and escape, are you good enough?


Until we meet again may the odds be forever in your favor.

Group Size

2 People, 3 People, 4 People, 5 People, 6 People

Event Details

In The Zone Burnie's Dystopia Escape Room

Note this Escape Room does have Stairs

Venue: In The Zone Burnie

Phone: 0364311085

Email: enquiries@inthezonetas.com